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Are there specific peer support strategies or regular practices you can use to help encourage that process of kids accepting one another?

Expert answer

I was just in a classroom recently and the teacher was teaching about compassion for all students, regardless of their needs or support needs.

Sometimes we will hook them up with another student who we know is going to be kind with them. We look at the physical accommodations for them. You know, sometimes these kids will need special seating or a special position in the classroom. We do a lot with visual supports to help kids, because all of it is about lessening the anxiety for students.

I know some of our students will go into a sensory room or they’ll have a break room in the classroom or another place in the building. For our kids who really need support, we think about having somebody who could be a champion for that child in that building. And lastly, we make sure that we have delivered curriculum in a way that the student feels successful.

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