For five years our European politicians have mismanaged the cooperation on migration and asylum to the extent that it has thrown the continent into political crisis and provoked a humanitarian crisis at our borders. The response to women, men and children seeking protection or opportunity in Europe has been teargas, rubber bullets, barbed wire, floating fences or push backs to abuse, violence and even death.

In the process Europe has damaged or lost its ability to cooperate internally and its credibility and trust internationally. The European Pact on Asylum and Migration is the opportunity to exchange panic, randomness and cynicism with reason, structured alternatives and respect for human rights.


A functioning European asylum system based on solidarity

 A natural starting point is for the EU and member states to comply with the existing asylum law on reception, decision-making and quality asylum systems and to replace the dysfunctional and unfair Dublin regulation for allocating responsibility.

Safe and legal passage to protect people in need

Europe could massively expand safe and legal access to protection for people in need, through resettlement, complementary pathways and family reunification, and also legal migration for the people in search of job opportunities. It would create a win-win as Europe needs new populations, and no-one has to turn to smugglers or be exploited by traffickers.

Inclusion into European societies

Starting with rights, respect and regularisation and tackling labour market exploitation, destitution and homelessness.

What is the problem?

Asylum procedures at borders will undermine rights and increase detention

Externalizing responsibility for asylum and migration is a fundamentally flawed idea
The safe third country myth needs to be debunked

What are the alternatives?

Focus on compliance with EU asylum law
Fundamental reform of how responsibility for asylum is shared in Europe and rights based implementation of the Dublin system in the meantime

Ensuring an inclusive recovery for all: ECRE and PICUM comments on the Next Generation EU package and REACT-EU